White Design on Blue Glass Bowl

Blue and White Glass Bowl


Dave designed this glass bowl.  I was cutting a circle out of the white glass and it broke, so I couldn’t use it anymore.  However, Dave saw something right away and started to make more cuts in the white glass.  This is what he saw in that piece of white glass that broke. 

He couldn’t decide what to do with it — should he make a bowl or a plate?  Should it be round or square?  We finally decided to fuse it to a piece of dark blue transluscent glass and a piece of clear glass.  Then I did a short drop mold to make this glass bowl. 

Here is a front shot of the glass bowl:


White Glass Bowl


 I think Dave was in a very creative mood when he was designing this glass bowl.  What do you think?  Did he do a good job?


Christine — Glass Artist (Dave, too 🙂

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2 Responses to “White Design on Blue Glass Bowl”

  1. glassart Says:

    Thanks so much shoozles!!

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