Check This Out — A Blue Glass Candle Holder

Blue Candle Holder

Isn’t this glass candle holder gorgeous?  I used light and dark blue iridized glass to make this glass candle holder.  It is hard to see the iridized glass in this photo, but you can sort of get the idea from the dark blue irid glass on the top of this picture.  The iridized glass has a very thin metallic coating on it. 

Here is a picture of the glass candle holder from another angle.  It is technically called a candle bridge, as you can tell from this picture.  You can also see some of the iridized glass on the dark blue.  In this picture, it looks like the glass has fingerprints all over it, but, no, that is the iridized layer.  It looks much better in person and in the sunlight.

Blue Candle Holder

It was a lot of fun designing and making this glass candle holder.  It would look great in any room and when the candles are lit, a relaxing sensation fills the room.

Christine — Glass Artist

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4 Responses to “Check This Out — A Blue Glass Candle Holder”

  1. Art Glass Says:

    Beautiful glass candle holder. I liked the color combination a lot. Thanks for sharing the pics. I wonder how it looks when the candles are lit.

  2. glassart Says:

    Thanks for the compliments! I haven’t lit any candles on this candle holder since I have it for sale. I could light some candles just for a picture 🙂

  3. MW Insulated Glass Says:

    I think that pictures of the holders with lit candles in them would be very beneficial. This is a beautiful piece.

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