Glass Bowl Made Out of 1″ Squares

Atlantis Glass Bowl

I love this glass bowl!  I ordered some Spectrum Spirit Atlantis Stripes.  I knew what I wanted to do with the glass stripes when I ordered them.  My plan was to make larger squares and basically do what I did with this glass bowl.   I am still planning on doing this.

I had a lot of fun making this glass bowl with the 1″ squares.  Once I had the small squares cut out, I added a clear piece of glass on top and put it in the kiln for a full firing.  The flat piece of glass needed some grinding to get nice straight edges and then I put it back in the kiln for a fire polish.  Next, I slumped it into a bowl mold.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Elegant Blue Spoon Rest

Blue Glass Spoon Rest

I had a custom order awhile ago for a cobalt blue glass spoon rest with white glass stringers for a design.  The custom order glass spoon rest was different from the picture above, but I liked the other one that I made, so I made another one that has a different design. 

It is simple, yet, very elegant.  If blue is the color of your kitchen, this glass spoon rest will add a lot to your decor.  Blue doesn’t even need to be the color of your kitchen 🙂  I have some friends who decorate their house with things they like and don’t stick to a particular color for each room.   Whatever your decorating style, this glass spoon rest will be beautiful.

For some other news, we just bought a new (used) kiln.  It is a very large ceramic Cress Kiln with a controller on it.  I am so excited to have this new kiln 🙂  Now, I can make more of those taller glass projects, like glass vases, that won’t fit in my Skutt 1414 glass kiln.  However, it is not working correctly.  Only the top two levels of elements are heating up.  My husband is going to call Cress Kilns tomorrow to see if the wiring to the plug needs to be changed for the kiln to work right.  I hope that this is the case.  I would hate to have to give it back to the people we bought it from, but what can a person do with a kiln that doesn’t work?  Nothing but look at it.  I suppose it could serve as a large work surface 😉

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Another Photo of the Black Glass Plate

Black Glass Plate

Yeah!  I posted another picture!  I have to say that the new way of posting pictures is not any better.  I have to go through several more steps.

Anyway, I thought I would show you a different picture of my glass plate.  Imagine sitting at a beautiful oak table and this glass plate is in the center…doesn’t it look gorgeous?  Everyone else at the table is saying similar things.

Ok, I wanted to show the dimension of the glass plate.  The sides are up off the table about 2 inches.  I had a lot of fun making this glass plate, because of the beautiful glass piece in the center.  What a great way to show it off!

Christine — Glass Artist

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Black Glass Plate

Glass Plate


Yeah!!  I am finally able add a picture to my blog.  I am so excited.  I hope I can continue to add pictures!!

I talked about this glass plate a few posts back.

I will add more info next time.

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Three Glass Pieces Needed Fire Polishing

I had three glass pieces that have been waiting for their chance to get fire polished.  One piece was two 12″ squares of sea green glass.  I had turned the top piece 45 degrees to give the piece eight points.  After I had fused the two layers previously, the edges had burs all around the bottom edge.  I ground off all the burs, which is why it needed to be fire polished.

Another glass piece was a 6″ square of Atlantis Stripes cut into 1″ squares and then fused back together.  After fusing, some of the edges were uneven and had some burs.  The third glass piece was a glass spoon rest.  One of the glass stringers had partially rolled off the glass spoon rest, so it needed to be ground down even with the rest of the glass.

Everything came out great and then I proceeded to slump the 6″ square and the glass spoon rest.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Lots of Glass Projects Today

Well, I did write about a lot of projects I worked on today, but when I published it, all that published was the title.  I don’t really understand what is going on with WordPress.  I didn’t even try to add a picture, just words.

Ok, so I wrote a couple of sentences and then published it and it worked.  I guess I need to publish after every few sentences.

I was very busy with my glass today.  I did a lot of work on my website, so check it out!  I added some new glass pieces.

I am doing a second fusing on a piece of Bullseye Tekta glass.  I have been getting cloudy glass in a couple of other pieces.  I called Bullseye and they gave me a long list of things to try to see if it makes any difference. 

I also got some interesting results from fusing different kinds of dichroic glass to the round red pendants that I wrote about yesterday.   

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What I Did Today with My Glass Projects

I thought I would tell you what I did today.  In the morning, I spent time on the computer, answering emails, reading emails and some searching on the web.  However, don’t ask me what I was doing, because I can’t remember.  Goes to show how important by web surfing was to my goals :}

I put some glass for pendants in my small kiln and fired them.  I scored and cut about eight, round, red opal glass.  I wanted to experiment with dichroic glass on top of red opal glass.  I put different types and sizes of dichroic glass on each glass piece.  I fired them in my kiln until the dichroic glass was mostly fused flat.  Tomorrow I will check them out and see if they need something else added to it or it is ready for a layer of clear glass fused over the top.

Right now I need to remove the fused alcohol bottles from my kiln and then kiln dry my shelf overnight, so it is ready for a full fusing tomorrow.

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