What I Did Today with My Glass Projects

I thought I would tell you what I did today.  In the morning, I spent time on the computer, answering emails, reading emails and some searching on the web.  However, don’t ask me what I was doing, because I can’t remember.  Goes to show how important by web surfing was to my goals :}

I put some glass for pendants in my small kiln and fired them.  I scored and cut about eight, round, red opal glass.  I wanted to experiment with dichroic glass on top of red opal glass.  I put different types and sizes of dichroic glass on each glass piece.  I fired them in my kiln until the dichroic glass was mostly fused flat.  Tomorrow I will check them out and see if they need something else added to it or it is ready for a layer of clear glass fused over the top.

Right now I need to remove the fused alcohol bottles from my kiln and then kiln dry my shelf overnight, so it is ready for a full fusing tomorrow.

Christine — Glass Artist


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One Response to “What I Did Today with My Glass Projects”

  1. chronicler Says:

    I can hardly wait to see your pendants. I have a question, basically a response to a comment you made at my place. You mentioned you fuse and slump bottles in one step. Every time I do that it just slumps all into a big mass at the bottom and doesn’t hold its shape well. (Wine bottle) What firing schedule are you using? I am using the pre-programmed full fuse, then slump programs that came with the rampmaster II on the kiln. email me if you have suggestions. Thanks! foodchronicles at yahoo dot com

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