Three Glass Pieces Needed Fire Polishing

I had three glass pieces that have been waiting for their chance to get fire polished.  One piece was two 12″ squares of sea green glass.  I had turned the top piece 45 degrees to give the piece eight points.  After I had fused the two layers previously, the edges had burs all around the bottom edge.  I ground off all the burs, which is why it needed to be fire polished.

Another glass piece was a 6″ square of Atlantis Stripes cut into 1″ squares and then fused back together.  After fusing, some of the edges were uneven and had some burs.  The third glass piece was a glass spoon rest.  One of the glass stringers had partially rolled off the glass spoon rest, so it needed to be ground down even with the rest of the glass.

Everything came out great and then I proceeded to slump the 6″ square and the glass spoon rest.

Christine — Glass Artist

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2 Responses to “Three Glass Pieces Needed Fire Polishing”

  1. chronicler Says:

    I’ll be glad when you get pictures back! Thanks again for helping me with the fusing schedule! Your projects sound neat.

  2. glassart Says:

    Your welcome for helping you with the fusing schedule! I am able to add photos to my posts, now, and I am so glad.


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