Elegant Blue Spoon Rest

Blue Glass Spoon Rest

I had a custom order awhile ago for a cobalt blue glass spoon rest with white glass stringers for a design.  The custom order glass spoon rest was different from the picture above, but I liked the other one that I made, so I made another one that has a different design. 

It is simple, yet, very elegant.  If blue is the color of your kitchen, this glass spoon rest will add a lot to your decor.  Blue doesn’t even need to be the color of your kitchen 🙂  I have some friends who decorate their house with things they like and don’t stick to a particular color for each room.   Whatever your decorating style, this glass spoon rest will be beautiful.

For some other news, we just bought a new (used) kiln.  It is a very large ceramic Cress Kiln with a controller on it.  I am so excited to have this new kiln 🙂  Now, I can make more of those taller glass projects, like glass vases, that won’t fit in my Skutt 1414 glass kiln.  However, it is not working correctly.  Only the top two levels of elements are heating up.  My husband is going to call Cress Kilns tomorrow to see if the wiring to the plug needs to be changed for the kiln to work right.  I hope that this is the case.  I would hate to have to give it back to the people we bought it from, but what can a person do with a kiln that doesn’t work?  Nothing but look at it.  I suppose it could serve as a large work surface 😉

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