Fishy Glass Spoon Rest

Glass Spoon Rest

Since I made this glass spoon rest with clear glass, it was hard to get a decent picture of it.  If you can’t tell, the two blue blobs are fish with yellow eyes.  It does look a bit strange that the fish are swimming down or toward you, however you see it.  When this glass spoon rest sits on a stove, perhaps your stove, then the fish will be a little more normal and will be swimming to the left.  Also, the green strings of glass are seaweed.  Pretty basic and rudimentary, but that is what I usually like to make.  To see all my glass spoon rests click on this link:

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but Dave and I went to a medieval event for four days.  Just before we left, we finalized our new Custom Website Layout.  It is awesome!  You need to check it out:   After we got back from the event, I spent a lot of time changing the fonts and moving the headers.  If you have been to our website, you may remember that we had a beach theme and the background color was blue/teal.  The new color of the background is black, which meant that all the black font with the old theme was not visible on our new theme.  We had a lot of black font and we have a lot of website pages, too.

So, I finally published it yesterday, so everyone could see our new Custom theme.  I still need to do a lot of tweaking, so please bare with me.  I’d really love to know what you think of our new theme.  If you don’t like it, I would still like to know what you think.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Stepping Stones Glass Plate

Black Glass Plate

I made this lovely glass plate a few weeks ago and finally got a picture of it.  I think this glass plate is simple, yet, gorgeous. 

Last night I got my first pot melt ready to fire and then I started it when I got up today.  I wanted to watch the liquid glass flow out of the bottom of the pot. 

Today I put some glass pendants in my small kiln and then set the controller.  I just love my new controller, because now I don’t have to babysit the glass kiln as it is firing. 

I also did some vaccuuming in my work area and did some organizing.  Not one of my favorite things to do, but is necessary.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Colorful “Windows” Glass Sun Catcher

Red Glass Sun Catcher

How do you like this Glass Sun Catcher?  This glass piece came together slowly.  I had fused two layers of clear.  I tried isopropyl alcohol to clean the glass, because someone told me it is a great glass cleaner.  The two layers of fused glass fused perfectly.  So, after that, I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to do with the glass.  So, it sat for a little while. 

For some reason, I thought I would fuse a red border on the clear and as I was cutting out the border, the rest of the design came into my mind.  I fused the red border onto the clear glass and then I added the rest of the glass. 

I thought it would be a glass sun catcher, because the sun would sparkle through the “windows.”   Tell me what you think of it!  Tell me how you would have designed it!  I’d love to hear your ideas!

Christine — Glass Artist


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Absolut Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest

Absolut Vodka Bottle

I have been slumping and fusing other alcohol bottles.  Most Absolut Vodka Bottles do not have a label that needs to be taken off.  All of the writing on the Absolut bottles is etched into the bottle with glass enamel, so it doesn’t burn off in the kiln.  These are cute little spoon rests.  I have also fused them flat.  These bottles are great for Absolut Vodka lovers.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Ripply Glass Bowl in My New Mold

Ripply Glass Bowl

This is the first glass bowl I made with a new mold I bought.  I love this Glass Bowl and my new mold.  I am looking forward to making more glass bowls with this mold.

This glass bowl is on my website on this page:  If it isn’t on this page, then I have sold it to someone.  If this glass bowl has sold, feel free to send me an email to order your very own glass bowl.  Click on the link and see what other glass bowls I have made.

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Is This a Glass Bowl or Glass Candle Holder or What?

Grape Glass Bowl

What do you think?  Is this a glass bowl or a glass candle holder or what?!  It sure looks pretty funky!  What exactly is it?

Anyone have any ideas how this glass piece was made?

I was going to expand on the questions I just asked about this glass piece, but I think I will let you tell me what you think of this glass piece and what you think it is 🙂

So, everyone, please leave a comment!  It is easy and don’t worry about what you write.  No answer is a stupid answer.  I will reveal what I made in a later post.


Christine — Glass Artist


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