Masters Glass Art Welcomes You To June!

Can you believe it is June?  It is cloudy and rainy — just like an Oregon spring.

I have an Art Festival in a couple of weeks in Ashland, Oregon called the 2008 MidSummer’s Dream, Ashland’s Premier Art & Music Festival.  I had a booth there last year and did very well, so I am excited to be there again.

I am starting to prepare to sell my Glass Art.  There are always lots of little things to do right before an Art Festival.  I need to make sure that all the glass has a price tag and is entered into Inventory.  I always procrastinate about adhering bails to glass pendants and earrings.  In addition, I start to go into production mode to make as many glass pieces that I can. 

Yesterday, I worked on a bunch of glass pendants and glass earrings that need one or two more firings before they are finished.  I had better stop writing and get back to my glass work.

Christine — Glass Artist


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