Luscious Blue Glass Spoon Rest

Blue Spoon Rest

The blue color of this glass spoon rest is so beautiful — it reminds me of a deep clear lake.  This glass spoon rest inspired a customer to design her own Custom Spoon Rest.  Actually, the spoon rest that she wanted me to make for her was a transluscent cherry red with no designs on it.  Pretty simple, eh?  She was redoing her kitchen and wanted plain red accents throughout her black and white kitchen.  From her descriptions, her new kitchen is going to be very elegant.  She said she would send me a picture of her new kitchen with the red glass spoon rest that I made for her.  If she doesn’t mind, I will post the picture when I get it.  Click here to see more of my Glass Spoon Rests:

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see some of my Glass Art:




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