Beautiful Blue Glass Plate with Cross Hatch Design

Blue Glass Plate

I just finished making this unique glass plate.  It was a lot of fun to create.  My first plan for this glass plate was to fuse 2″ squares of the glass with the yellow and blue stripes.  However, after I cut the squares out and put them next to each other — each one turned 90 degrees from the neighbor — I changed my mind.  The layout looked just fine, but I thought it needed more.  I separated each square and I liked the look of that better.  My next idea was to add another 2″ square on top of the others and turn each of them 90 degrees to get the cross hatch.  I picked out a blue translucent glass for the border and I was much happier with the design. 

There is a lot of texture to this glass plate, because of the two layers of squares fused to two layers of clear.  I also love the bubble design all around the border.

Let me know what you think of this glass plate!!  I love to get comments!!

Christine — Glass Artist


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6 Responses to “Beautiful Blue Glass Plate with Cross Hatch Design”

  1. Obi-Mom Kenobi Says:

    That’s beautiful.

  2. Christine Says:

    Thanks so much for the compliment!

  3. Val Says:

    This piece is gorgeous!! You have truly inspired me. As I write, my very first kiln firing is occuring, with 2 whiskey bottles on the kiln shelf. I plan to go to St Paul this week to purchase a few molds, such as a botle sagger and a simple plate or draping mold. How did you get the bubbles to occur? I have read that Bullseye has something that will cause bubbles intentionally, or else by using 2 pieces of textured glass, with the textures next to each other. Very attractive, I have to keep this in mind.

  4. Christine Says:

    Hi Val,
    Thanks for your nice words about this glass plate!

    You can get Bubble Powder from a number of places. I got mine from Delphi. However, I didn’t use the bubble powder to get the bubbles in this plate. I fused two layers of clear glass on top of the blue border and this is when the bubbles formed on their own.

    Congratulations on your first firing! Hope you have lots of fun with it!


  5. Laurel Demchuk Says:

    I love your glass plates…Can you give me suggestions on how to get started to make my own.I have a kiln already from years of Ceramics..a few questions..Where do I buy the molds and glass…Do you recommend any good books? Any good online sites to buy from and get help from.
    Thanks so much!!

  6. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Thanks for the compliments about my glass plates!

    I buy most of my molds from Other good places are and There are many other places to buy molds.

    I buy my glass from,, and Cline’s, among others.

    One good book is “Contemporary Warm Glass: A Guide to Fusing, Slumping, and Related Kiln-forming Techniques” by Brad Walker.

    Check out There is so much great info on this website. One great thing is a basic tutorial about fusing glass. Here is the link:

    Have Fun!

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