Large Sea Green Glass Vase

I made a glass vase very similar to this one a few months ago.  However, when I tried to get it off the cone mold, it was stuck.  I put it in some cold water and let it soak for a few hours.   Still wouldn’t come off.  So, I put it in some warm water and let it soak for another few hours.  Still wouldn’t come off. 

When my husband got home from work, he took ahold of the glass vase and I took hold of the ceramic cone mold.  We pulled as hard as we could and it still wouldn’t come off.  So, my husband grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver.  He was very careful, but ended up breaking a couple of the top triangles off the rest of the glass vase.

I was disappointed, naturally, but I knew that I could make another one similar to it.  Here is the next try at it.  However, when I took this glass vase out of the kiln, it was stuck again (ugh!!).  So, I soaked it again with no luck.  By husband grabbed a couple of hand tools that were safer to use with glass.  He pounded very carefully all the way around, just like hitting the lid of a container that won’t open. 

This time we had success, as you can see!!!

So, tell me what you think about this glass vase!  Do you like the color?  What color would you like it to be?  I love to get comments, so don’t be shy.  It is very easy.

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Large Sea Green Glass Vase”

  1. Fiona McAlpine Says:

    Hi Christine,
    I think all your fused vases and dishes are lovely. I’m just new to kiln work and know how frustrating it is to have glass stuck over a mold even using thin fibre paper between. I’m looking through your archives just to give me some inspiration. I also like the colours of glass you have chosen. As a rule I’ve been using Spectrum 96 – seems to be a favourite of the glass store where I purchase my supplies.

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