Basket Weave Glass Vase — Gorgeous Black Iridized Glass

Ever since I got my new large ceramic kiln with the controller, I have wanted to make this type of glass vase.  It took me awhile to fuse the glass vase, because I didn’t want to fire it until I knew how my new kiln fired.   Basically, I didn’t want to ruin it somehow. 

It turned out just like I wanted it to, however, my husband and I had a hard time removing it from the cone that I draped it over.  After an unsuccessful time of trying to get it off, I soaked the glass vase in water for a couple of days until we got around to trying it again.  It still wouldn’t come off — ugghhh…

So, my husband got out the rubber mallets and very carefully tapped on the glass vase and then turned it a little and tapped again.  I think the glass vase came off after three taps!!!  Yeah!!  And nothing broke 🙂

I use two layers of thin fire paper inbetween the mold and the glass, but parts of the glass had hugged the mold so much that the paper didn’t even disintegrate in the water.  I was very, very lucky!

Christine — Glass Artist


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6 Responses to “Basket Weave Glass Vase — Gorgeous Black Iridized Glass”

  1. mirawoodworth Says:

    It is lovely, and so is your photography. YOu are probably having difficulty getting the glass off the floral former if it is a ceramic mold as glass contracts more when cooling than does the ceramic. You won’t have this problem with stainless steel molds.

    Luck to you and your endeavors.


  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Mira,

    I do use a ceramic mold. I didn’t know that it would be easier to get the glass off a stainless steel mold. Do you still use thin fire paper? What about kiln wash?
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Bridget Says:


    I love your woven glass vase and would like to know how you did it. I have just recently entered the fused glass world after working with pottery for the last two years. I mainly weave clay to form bowls and baskets and think that the glass weaving would be something that I would enjoy as well. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Bridget,

    This glass vase isn’t a true basket weave. There are molds you can buy that will give one layer of glass a wavy effect and then other pieces of glass are inserted in between the waves.

    The way I do my basket weave is to add half the flat strips of glass on the surface, then add half the flat strips going in the other direction and then I repeat. The first layer of strips come out of the kiln flat on the surface. The second and third layers look weaved and the fourth layer is on top of all other strips.

    I hope that makes sense.


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