Broken Hearts Glass Plate #3

Broken Hearts Glass Plate…so what does that mean?!! 

David, my husband, is going to explain his Broken Hearts series of glass plates.

Well, obviously, the glass plate “was broken”.  For each of the glass plates in my Broken Hearts series, I took the red sheet of glass and shattered it with a hammer.  Each break is unique and I love finding out what the pieces will look like when I open the newspaper.  I then spread it out over a contrasting color (black, in this case) and fuse them together.  In the end, I cover it with a sheet of clear and we slump it into a glass plate mold.

I call it “Broken Hearts” because I started with red and black glass, and it reminded me of a real heart, and the blood vessels going out from it.  In addition, each time I accidentally break a piece of glass, I find it frustrating and it “breaks my heart”, especially if it was a large piece, LOL.  Well, more scrap for the frit pile, Christine would say.  To intentionally break a piece of glass sometimes seems wrong, but the interesting fractures that result make it worth the “crime” 🙂



Click here to see more of the Broken Hearts series of glass plates:


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