Black and Clear Glass Plate with Grey Swirl Squares

I found the grey swirl glass at Bullseye Glass when we were there shopping for glass.  I thought the glas was very pretty.  I decided to cut some of it up into 2″ square pieces to fuse onto two layers of clear glass with black borders.  Unfortunately, when I fused it, devitrification started to occur on the clear and grey glass.  I contacted Bullseye to see what was going on.  After several emails back and forth, they told me that I was not using the correct glass cleaner, like Spartan Glass Cleaner available in their store.  I forgot to buy some when we were there last time, but I changed to a glass cleaner called Glass Plus.

I sanded off the devit. from this glass plate with pads that have different size diamonds pieces on them.  I started off with the coarsest pad and moved down to the finest.  Once I had all the devit. removed, I fire polished the glass plate and it came out perfect!  I slumped it into one of my glass plate molds.  I am so glad it all worked.

Now I am learning to use Bullseye’s recommendations for cleaning the glass correctly.  Just check out their website.  They have lots of information about all aspects of fusing.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I’d love to hear from you.

Christine — Glass Artist


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