Masters Glass Art Booth at Brookings Festival of the Arts

 We had a corner booth and the following picture is the front of our booth.  We have glass earrings, glass pendants, fused and slumped Grey Goose Vodka Bottles, and other small glass pieces.



The following picture is the other side of our booth.  We set up a shelving unit, so we would have room to display more of our glass art, such as glass plates, glass bowls, glass vases, and glass candle holders.  We had electricity, so we put up lights to brighten up our glass.  We hardly needed it, because it was so bright.  However, the weather in Brookings is very unpredictable.  Last year the weather wasn’t quite as nice.



Tell us what you think about our booth!  What would you change?  What do you like about it?  We’d love to hear your opinions!

Christine — Glass Artist

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Bright Red Glass Spoon Rest


I got a new mold and I love it!  I made this particular glass spoon rest for a lady in the UK.  She ordered this glass spoon rest for a great friend of hers and is giving it to her for her 48th wedding anniversary!  I mailed it a couple of days ago, so I haven’t heard from them how they like her new glass spoon rest.  It was their idea to add the black swirl.  It really adds a lot of personality to the red glass spoon rest.



I can’t wait to make more of these and I think I will make one for myself, too.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Great Art Festival!

We had a great time in Brookings, Oregon at the Brookings Harbor Festival of the Arts.  We met a lot of new people and had a great show!

The demonstration that we gave to the local Art Society went very well.  We talked about the tools that we use when we make fused glass.  We also discussed how we make our drop ring molds and plates.  It was hard to keep the demo under an hour.  We could talk for a long time about how we make all our glass art and all the experiences we have had.  Many people had questions and were very curious how we make our glass.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Silver Oak Wine Bottle Spoon Rest


This is one of the Wine Bottles that I have discovered where the paint does not burn off in the kiln.  It is very similar to the glass enamel on the Grey Goose Vodka Bottle, because the label is etched into the bottle with a glass enamel.  This is a really pretty bottle, but I don’t find very many of these bottles.

If you have a bottle where you don’t think the label will burn off, I would love to fuse it flat or slump it into a spoon rest mold and see if the label burns off.  I can’t guarantee anything.  The only way to know if the paint doesn’t burn off is to put it in the kiln and see what happens. 

Send me an email if you want me to try fusing or slumping one of your bottles!

Christine — Glass Artist


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I am Giving a Fused Glass Demonstration for the Brookings Art Guild

I will be giving a glass art demonstration for the Brookings, Oregon Art Guild tomorrow.  I will be talking about the basics of fused glass and then show the group how I make a fused glass plate and a glass drop out ring vase. 

I am excited to give the demonstration, because I enjoy telling others about my art.  However, I am nervous, too, because I haven’t talked in front of a large group of people in a long time.  However, I guess everyone is nervous before speaking in front of people.

If you live near Brookings, feel free to come to the demonstration.  It will be at the Manley Art Center in Brookings, Oregon at 11am.

Christine — Glass Artist


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New Oval Glass Bowl Mold

I bought this oval glass mold a few weeks ago and after I was able to make a stencil that fit the mold, I made this glass bowl with black iridized glass.  I really like this new glass mold.  I am excited to make more glass bowls with this mold. 

Oval glass molds are not as popular as square and round glass molds, I think.  Now I know why.  It is just harder to make an oval, because it is more work to cut out an oval rather than cut straight lines for a square plate or use the circle cutter.

I have seen an oval glass bowl that I really like.  It has given me inspiration to make my own oval glass bowl.  I do not copy other people’s art, but sometimes I use other glass art to give me inspiration.  Even the greatest artists use other people’s work as inspiration and improve on it and make it their own.

Christine — Glass Artist


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This snowperson is made of glass, not snow.

I just looked at the calendar and saw that it is August, not December 😉

I just sold a different snowperson glass sun catcher to a lady that said “I know it’s not winter, but I just love snowmen!”  I love snowpeople, too, and I better start making some more, because this is the only one that I have left.  I had made a Series of Three last Fall.

However, before I make any glass snowpeople, I need to make a glass sun catcher with a rooster.  I have a friend who loves roosters and she has put in an order for a glass sun catcher.

Anyone else want a glass snowperson sun catcher?

Christine — Glass Artist


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