Silver Oak Wine Bottle Spoon Rest


This is one of the Wine Bottles that I have discovered where the paint does not burn off in the kiln.  It is very similar to the glass enamel on the Grey Goose Vodka Bottle, because the label is etched into the bottle with a glass enamel.  This is a really pretty bottle, but I don’t find very many of these bottles.

If you have a bottle where you don’t think the label will burn off, I would love to fuse it flat or slump it into a spoon rest mold and see if the label burns off.  I can’t guarantee anything.  The only way to know if the paint doesn’t burn off is to put it in the kiln and see what happens. 

Send me an email if you want me to try fusing or slumping one of your bottles!

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of my Fused and Slumped Glass Bottles:


5 Responses to “Silver Oak Wine Bottle Spoon Rest”

  1. Loretta Swanson Says:

    Can I buy the silver oak spoon rest?

  2. Ashton Says:

    Do you have any more silver oak spoon rests available for purchase?

  3. Richelle Says:

    Christine where are you located? I’m in Houston.

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