Michael Mailhot’s Glass Art

I am changing the focus of this blog post.  I came across a website, thinkglass.com, that has some incredible glass art.  Wow, I am so impressed with Michael Mailhot’s huge glass art pieces.  I just wanted to share some of his art with you.

I got these pictures from Mailhot’s website, thinkglass.com.  On his website, he includes the final sketch of the glass art piece, which is what is to the left of each picture:






Mailhot also makes incredible countertops and other architectural glass pieces.  Mailhot is incredibly talented and creative.  I hope you enjoy his glass art!

Would you like to see more blog posts like this one, where I show other people’s glass art?  Please let me know by leaving a comment!!  It is so easy to do.  I want to know what you think!! 

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see some of my Glass Art:



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