Red Glass Coasters

These glass coasters were made with one layer of red glass and another layer of clear iridized glass.  It is hard to see the iridized layer, but it is really cool.  The irid glass is called clear on clear irid fracture.  There are lots of smaller and really thin glass layered on the clear glass.  It makes a really unique pattern.  I really wish the picture showed the pattern.

Christine — Glass Artist


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4 Responses to “Red Glass Coasters”

  1. Erika Lund Garcia Says:

    Hi & Happy Holidays!
    I am interested in these red coasters. Is the face of these coasters a dominant red? You showed this picture in a stand holder along w/ another picture below that had more orange and other colors mixed. Same coaster or different ones? I’m looking for a more dominant red glass coaster for a Christmas present this year. Could you email a picture of the face, and the cost?

    Thanks so much! Erika

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Erika,

      Both of the pictures of the red coasters are a red. Each blog post of the red coasters are different coasters, but I used the same colors of glass. I charge $40 for these coasters and I will be able to get them to you by Christmas.

      Thanks for your interest,


  2. Pam Mazzone Says:

    I am interested in buying these coasters but cannot see the price of them and do you deliver to Spain?.

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Pam,
      The items in my blog are not always for sale. A lot of them have sold. I have a website where I items for sale. Fortunately, I do have these red coasters for sale – I made more after I sold these. I do ship to Spain for approximately $22.13, plus handling, plus cost of coasters – $40.00.

      Send me an email at if you are still interested!

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