Christmas Craft Fair

Christmas Craft Fair

I am going to the Annual 36th Christmas Craft Fair from Dec. 5-7, 2008.  It is at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. 

Hours are:

10am – 8pm on Fri.

10am – 8pm on Sat.

10am – 4pm on Sunday

I haven’t been to this Craft Fair before, so I don’t know quite what to expect.  I heard that a lot of people go, so I should keep very busy helping people.  Wish me a good Craft Fair!!

Christine — Glass Artist


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Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest with Decorations


I have started adding decorations to my Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rests.  The decorations include: a butter/appetizer knife, beads and a raffia bow.  This adds a nice touch when giving the spoon rest as a gift.  I ran out of the bead “necklaces,” so I have been making a bunch more for my next Art Fair.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Black Spoon Rest with White Swirl

Black Spoon Rest

I made this glass spoon rest for a lady in Great Britain.  She was planning on giving it to her sister-in-law who can’t see very well.  She asked me to add extra white glass frit to the glass spoon rest, so her sister-in-law could feel the swirl.

However, when the lady received the spoon rest, she showed it to her daughter who instantly fell in love with it.  It now sits on her daughter’s stove and I have another order to make a similar one for her sister-in-law.  How great is that!  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

Christine — Glass Artist


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Turquoise Glass Pendant

Blue Glass Pendant

This is a large turquoise glass pendant I made a couple of months ago.  The ripply design is so cool.   I decided to fuse a glass bail onto it.  I got four glass bails for free to try out and this is the second one I have done so far.  I really like how it looks and I don’t have to glue a bail onto it, which is very nice.

I found a tutorial to make your own glass bails.  However, I haven’t made any, yet.  I bought all the things I need, so I will fuse them soon.   

Christine — Glass Artist


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Magenta Glass Earrings

Magenta Glass Earrings

These glass earrings where made with magenta dichroic glass.  I fused the dichroic glass on top of a piece of black glass.  I left the dichroic layer exposed.  I like to do this once in awhile, because it gives the dichroic a different look.

With the dichroic layer exposed, these glass earrings need special care.  The dichroic layer is very thin and will scratch off very easily.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Orangish-Red Glass Earrings

Orange Glass Earrings

I am always on a quest to make red glass dichroic earrings.  I order red dichroic glass, but after I fire it, it comes out more orangish-red.   Anyway, these cute glass earrings are 1 1/8″ high and 1/4″ wide at the top. 

I adhered the sterling silver plated bails with Triolyse.  This is my favorite glue for gluing bails to glass earrings and glass pendants.  I have found that the bond is very strong and very few bails come off in my “pulling test.”  I have tried several kinds of glues, such as different kinds of epoxy, rear window glue, and E-6000.

I like the shape of these glass earrings, too.  After firing these glass earrings, I ground them to a point and then fire polished them.

If anyone can help me with firing red dichroic glass so it stays red, or help me find a certain brand of dichroic glass that makes truly red dichroic glass, please leave a comment.  If you are having the same problems, please leave a comment, so we can share in our struggles 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist


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Blue Dichroic Glass Pendant

Blue Dichroic Glass Pendant

I made this glass pendant a couple of months ago and finally got a picture of it.  I love the texture of the dichroic glass and how it shows the valleys and peaks underneath the clear glass I put over it.  It took a little more grinding to get the teardrop shape, but it was worth it.  You don’t see this shape very often in a glass pendant.

Christine — Glass Pendant


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