Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest with Decorations


I have started adding decorations to my Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rests.  The decorations include: a butter/appetizer knife, beads and a raffia bow.  This adds a nice touch when giving the spoon rest as a gift.  I ran out of the bead “necklaces,” so I have been making a bunch more for my next Art Fair.

Christine — Glass Artist


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5 Responses to “Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest with Decorations”

  1. Sharon Desnoyer Says:

    Christine, I have a fusion 7 Paragon kiln with a rampmaster.

    I would like to slump a grey goose bottle and retain the enamel painting. Could you tell me what firing program seems to work best with that. some of my other pieces have had the paint come off. Thank you.

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I don’t know what firing schedule you are using and why the paint comes off. I have not had that problem.

    I have a Skutt 1414 and you need to remember that all kilns are different, so you need to experiment with your kiln. When I am making a spoon rest, I go up to 1420 degrees Fahrenheit and hold for 10 minutes.

    I hope this helps!


  3. Gretchen Cuddy Says:

    Do you know what kind of paint is on the outside of the bottle? My real question is: do they use lead in the paint?

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Gretchen,

      I am not sure what is in the paint, but I know it is some sort of glass enamel, because it doesn’t burn off.

      As far as lead in the paint, I can’t tell you for sure.


  4. Diane Says:

    Have fired Grey Goose bottles previously and never had problems. Checked my kiln this morning and the Grey Goose paint was all faded and white. The Absolut was fine. Had previously used Primo kiln wash. Can’t figure out what happened to both bottles. Any suggestions?

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