How the Blue and Yellow Glass Vase was Made

Refer to the glass vase in my last blog post, because I am going to write a little bit of how I made it.

Sorry I didn’t get to describing this glass vase until now, but the holidays kept me very busy.

Since the glass vase is 10″ high, I needed to fuse five layers of glass together.  I fused two layers of Spectrum 96 Dark Blue Glass and three layers of clear glass.  I also added various pieces of yellow scraps.

Next, I set up the drop out ring mold by propping it up 10″ and then placed the fused glass on top of the mold.   Since the glass was so thick, I needed a firing schedule that went very, very slow.   Previously, I did a lot of experimenting starting with vases that were shorter and moving my way up to 10″.

When the glass was getting close to reaching the kiln shelf, I watched it very closely.  I needed to stop the glass from falling when it was how I wanted it.  If left to fall farther,  a bulge will develop, which can be a great design, too, but not what I wanted this time.

I fused three layers of glass together to make a base for the glass vase.  After the vase had cooled, I tack fused the base to the vase.  And, voila, my glass vase was finished!

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “How the Blue and Yellow Glass Vase was Made”

  1. Karen Says:

    Christine, thank you so much for sharing the instructions on how you did the vase. It is artists like you who make me strive to be better and what us beginner artists have the priviledge to call you “mentors”. Thanks again and the vase is beautiful!

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Karen,

    You said such nice things about me and my glass art! Thank you very much!


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