Black Glass Pendant with Various Dichroic Glass


Happy New Year!!  This is my first posting of 2009.  It took seven days to do it, but better late than never.  I am going to try to make more postings in 2009!  I’d like to write more tutorials and articles.

My website provider has come up with a new sitebuilder, so I have been working on transferring information from my old site builder to the new one.  I think it is going to take awhile, but I plan on doing a little at a time.  The new sitebuilder is supposed to be much easier to use.  I hope so!!

I had fun creating this glass pendant.  I wanted to make something a little different than the other glass pendants I usually make.  I like how this one turned out.  The silver pieces go well with the piece of dichroic glass called small boxes.  I am going to do more experimenting when I make more glass pendants.

Christine — Glass Artist

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