This Glass Snowman Will Not Melt!


Snowman Glass Sun Catcher


Well, I guess that is technically incorrect.  If I put Mr. Snowman back in the kiln and turned the temperature on really high, then he would become a pool of glass 🙂

This glass snowman sun catcher could hang in your window all year long and never melt — that is what I really meant.

I made four glass snowman sun catchers.  They are not all exactly the same, but are similar.  They all have different color scarves and their facial expressions are different depending on the time of day they were fired in the kiln (well, the last part isn’t really true 🙂 ).  Some have more snow than others.  They are a lot of fun to make, since I love snowpeople!

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of my Glass Sun Catchers:



2 Responses to “This Glass Snowman Will Not Melt!”

  1. Glass Snowman Sun Catcher · Glass Art @ CraftGossip Says:

    […] meant to soak up the sun. I love snowmen in all shapes, sizes and media and this little panel from Masters Art Glass makes me smile. Christine promises that he won’t melt, and I believe […]

  2. glassart Says:

    Thanks for your kind words about my snowman sun catcher!

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