Stephen Knapp’s Glass Light Paintings

Glass Art Lightpainting

These pictures are from Stephen Knapp’s website: :

“Stephen Knapp’s lightpaintings expand the concept of light sculpture and light art and continue the traditions of kinetic art, op art and abstract painting. His sculptural canvases appear to be painted but are all created with light and glass. Lightpaintings are the intersection of painting, sculpture and technology, exploring color, light and space and are a harbinger of the future of painting.

“Stephen Knapp has over thirty years experience creating installation art and exploring the possibilities of light. His work can be found in museum, public, corporate and private collections.

“For a complete selection of Stephen Knapp’s other work, go to”

Wow!  Isn’t this architectural glass light painting simply amazing?  These pictures are on Stephen Knapp’s website:

After looking at Stephen’s website and watching a couple of videos that you can access from his website, I still have a hard time figuring out how he does it!!

When I saw Stephen’s amazing glass art work, I thought I would share it with you.

Glass Art Lightpainting

Glass Art Lightpainting

The following glass art lightpainting was a commission he did for a private home!  Wouldn’t you like to have this in your home?  I sure would!!

Glass Art Private Collection

The following picture is a close-up of one of Stephen’s lightpaintings.  He cuts glass into different sizes and uses different colors.  He usually has one halogen light that shines on the glass and then the colors are reflected in different ways, depending on the shape of the glass.  This description is very basic, but that is all I really understand about it.

Glass Art Lightpainting

I hope you enjoyed seeing these lightpaintings by Stephen Knapp!

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see some of my Glass Art:


2 Responses to “Stephen Knapp’s Glass Light Paintings”

  1. Chrisine prosha Says:

    Oh how beautiful, such vision, the light will shine forever

    • Christine Says:

      Isn’t his work amazing! I just looked at his work again after awhile and I still find it hard to believe it is glass.

      Thanks for your comment!


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