Red Glass Spoon Rest

Red Glass Spoon Rest



Red Glass Spoon Rest


I recently made this glass spoon rest.  I love the black and white squares as the design element.  I made a similar one about one year ago and it sold at the next Craft Fair I attended.  I finally got around to making another one.

The black and white glass squares started out square, but during the fusing process, they rounded out a bit.  I am glad that it does it — adds to the rounded edges of the glass spoon rest.

I used Spectrum 96 cherry red glass as the top layer and a clear piece on the bottom.  I added the black and white squares and did a full fuse in the kiln.  After that, I slumped it into a small spoon rest mold.

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Red Glass Spoon Rest”

  1. Karen Says:

    Christine, I LOVE this design. Thanks for the explanation of how you made it. If all artists could be as generous as you are.

  2. glassart Says:

    Thanks so much Karen,

    I agree with you. Some messages I have sent to other artists asking something about a certain piece, I don’t get any response. I don’t know what the big secret is?!?


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