Red Frit Glass Bowl

Red Frit Glass Bowl

To make this glass bowl, I have been experimenting with tack fusing coarse frit.  I started out using Deep Aqua Coarse Frit, which is a gorgeous color.  I thought a cherry red glass bowl would look very pretty, too.

I use an embroidery hoop and fill it with the coarse frit.  I make sure to leave enough spaces, so some holes remain after the tack fuse.  The tack fuse leaves a lot of texture in the glass bowl.

Christine — Glass Artist


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4 Responses to “Red Frit Glass Bowl”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi Christine,
    Gorgeous bowl. Could you detail more of the steps used, like what type of embroidery hoop (didn’t melt?) and what size mold you used to drop the frit into during the tack fuse? Thanks!

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the compliments!!

    Any circle would work. I take the embroidery hoop out of the kiln before I tack fuse the frit. I have been making the glass bowl 7″ in diameter and I have a dog dish ceramic mold that is exactly 7.”

    Thanks again,


  3. Mike Says:

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  4. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the compliment about my website!


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