Another Fused Glass Plate with Iridized Glass

Glass Plate with various iridized glass #2

This is the second 8″ Fused Glass Plate in the series using iridized glass and Sizzle Stix.  The information about this fused glass plate is similar to the previous posting.

I used Bullseye Glass 90 COE.  The iridized glass I used were: black rainbow, red, pale amber, neolavender, and turquoise.

Christine — Glass Artist


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4 Responses to “Another Fused Glass Plate with Iridized Glass”

  1. Sue Says:

    Great colors! Looks really nice. Do you take your photos from within a light box? The quality of yur pix is wonderful.

  2. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the compliments!!

    Yes, I do have a light box where I take all my pictures. The framework is small pvc pipes and elbows and I cover it with white muslin. Works great for reducing glare.


  3. Sylvia Weiser Says:

    Hi Christine:

    Your new plates are beautiful Since I am a purple, lavender ,greenish girl; I think those colors would make a pretty plate.


  4. Christine Masters Says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks so much for your compliments on my new plates!! I like your color suggestions, because I like those colors, too.

    Thanks again,


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