The 34th Annual Spring Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds


The Spring Fair was held March 27-29, 2009.  

Christine’s Grandmother passed away on March 26, so she flew back to Minnesota on Friday while David set up for the Spring Fair and was at the booth all three days by himself.  He had a great time seeing past customers and meeting new people.  He sold a wide variety of our glass art, such as dichroic glass pendants, dichroic glass earrings, glass bowls, a daisy sun catcher, a few clear iridized glass vases, a fused Jack Daniels bottle, a fused Crown Royal Bottle, several slumped and fused Grey Goose Bottles, and others.

There was a lot of entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment. There was a stage for a wide variety of entertainment, such as bands, singers, storytellers, bellydancers, etc.

David was so exhausted from the weekend that he didn’t even go to his Monday night game night with his buddies.  He never misses his game night:(

He did a great job even though I wasn’t there.  Thanks so much for his support during my absence.

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of our Glass Art:




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