Green Fused Glass Plate with Dice

Green Glass Plate with White and Red Squares

Last year I made a drop out ring glass bowl using the same colors of glass and the same white and red square design as this fused  glass plate.  However, for the fused glass bowl, I put three red dots in each white square to make a holly design for Christmas.  When people commented on the fused glass bowl, they always said the squares reminded them of dice.

So, I decided to make this fused glass plate with different amounts of red dots to make it look like dice.  What do you think?  Does it remind you of dice?

Christine — Glass Artist


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4 Responses to “Green Fused Glass Plate with Dice”

  1. Randi Says:

    Call this the Bunco bowl! 😉

  2. glassart Says:

    Hi Randi,

    What do you mean by “Bunco?”

  3. Randi Says:

    Bunco is a “dice game” played in rounds. Our “Bunco ” sista’s get together monthly (we rotate houses) —it’s really an excuse to get together, eat good food, have drinks and socialize! Check out this site for more info…

  4. glassart Says:

    Yes, that is a very good name for this plate? Thanks for the idea and now I learned about a new game!



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