Blue and White Fused Glass Bowl

Blue Fused Glass Bowl

This fused glass bowl was made with blue, white and clear glass and is translucent.  The pattern shows on the back side of the glass, so there isn’t a front or back side.  Some glass has the pretty design on the front and the back side is plain.

This fused glass bowl will look great as a centerpiece on a table or a shelf.  Since the glass is translucent, a lighted votive candle will give off very interesting light.

The glass I used for this fused glass bowl is 96 Spectrum Vienna Spirit.  I cut a 10″ circle and draped it over a six-lobed mold.

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Blue and White Fused Glass Bowl”

  1. WHITE GLASS BOWL | Kitchen Appliances & Accessories Says:

    […] white glass bowl […]

  2. Roy Heayberd Says:

    i like the blue and white fused glass bowl What’s the size, what’s the price and is it available for shipping?

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