Tutorial for Fused Glass Plate — Step #4

Fused Glass Plate

Step #4 for this Fused Glass Plate:  Put the different glass pieces into the kiln.  I have cut a piece of thin fire paper a little larger than the glass pieces and put it on the shelf to protect it from the glass.  Another option is to add kiln wash to the shelf.  If neither of these things are done, then the glass will stick to the shelf forever 🙂

When I am fusing separate pieces of glass together, like the two pieces of white glass and the clear strip of glass with stringers, I always put the pieces on the bottom and put a whole piece of clear over the top.  This way the separate glass pieces fuse together better.

Next thing is to turn the kiln on.  I will discuss the kiln schedule in the next step.

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of my Fused Glass Art: www.mastersglassart.com




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