Tutorial for Fused Glass Plate — Step #7

Fused Glass Plate

Step #7:  After you fuse your glass plate, you probably need to grind the edges.  This fused glass plate needs to be ground at the corners, because the clear glass flowed over the white glass.  I will grind all the edges with my Diamond Max grinder.  It has a disc that is 6 inches in diameter.  This type of grinder is not the best thing to use for this large fused glass plate, but it is the best tool I own at the moment.  A lap grinder is one tool that would work better.  There are other tools that will do the job, too.

When the edges are ground and the fused glass plate is square, it needs to go back in the kiln for a fire polish.  I use the same schedule as the full fuse, except I only heat the kiln to 1400 degrees.

See Step #5 for more information about my firing schedules: https://glassart.wordpress.com/2009/06/04/tutorial-for-fused-glass-plate-step-5/.

The following is my firing schedule for a fire polish:

400  750  15

600  1000  15

600  1400  15

9999  960  1.30

150  700  0.01

Now you need to wait patiently for your fused glass plate to fire polish, because your new fused glass plate should be finished.

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of my Fused Glass Art: www.mastersglassart.com




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