Ripply Light Blue Iridized Fused Glass Candle Holder

Fused Glass Candle Holder

Fused Glass Candle Holder

I had some of this light blue ripple iridized glass from Kokomo Glass Company left over from another project, so I decided to make a fused glass candle holder or candle bridge.  The iridized layer is on the bottom of the candle bridge, so you can’t see it from these pictures.  However, if you were to see it in the sunlight, the iridescence would be very hard to miss.  Sometimes I need sunglasses when looking at an iridized glass, because it is so bright.

For this fused glass candle holder, I have a mold.  So, I cut the glass a bit smaller than the mold and place it on top.  Since the indentation in the middle is about 1/2″ deep, it takes the glass quite awhile to slump into it.  I usually hold the kiln at 1250 degrees F. for two hours and it comes out very nicely.  The glass also falls at the edges to get the rounded part down to where it touches the surface.

Christine — Glass Artist


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