Red Fused Glass Spoon Rest

Fused Glass Spoon Rest -- Red with black and white squares

Fused Glass Spoon Rest -- Red with black and white squares2

This fused glass spoon rest is my larger one — it is 11″ long.  It holds the spoon and the handle, instead of just the spoon.  I cut squares of black and white and stacked some of them with the white square on top and visa versa.  I have made similar designs with my smaller spoon rests.  They have sold very well, so I decided to make the same design with my larger spoon rest.  I have sold this fused glass spoon rest, so it is time to make another one.  I also sold the smaller fused glass spoon rest in this design, so I guess I will be making one of each size.

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Red Fused Glass Spoon Rest”

  1. Amanda Says:

    To achieve the shape do you use a grinder?

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Not exactly. I usually grind the edges after I break away all the glass.

      First, I made a template of the spoon rest. Then, I draw the outline on the glass and start to make score lines around the outline. Don’t score on the outline right away, otherwise you are likely to crack the glass, which I have done several times. Make some scores that are about one inch away from the outline and then score on the line. It will take some practice.

      Have Fun!

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