Four Bridge Fused Glass Candle Holder

Fused Glass Candle Holder- 4 Bridges  -- Black Swirl

This fused glass candle holder (or as I usually call them — a candle bridge) is 15″ long and 6″ wide.  The mold for this fused glass candle holder is versatile.  I have used it to make three candle holders, too.  It can also be used to make two and even one candle holder.

The glass used to make this fused glass candle holder is from Bullseye.  It was made with white glass and black frit and then swirled around.  I love the pattern that was created.

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Four Bridge Fused Glass Candle Holder”

  1. Alfolsina Says:

    Looking great.So you creat all these beautiful glass arts then you must be a good artist.Creat more and don’t forget to share.

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Alfolsina,

      Thanks for your nice words about my glass art!

      I try to post to this blog as much as I can about the things I have made.



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