Red Flames Fused Glass Vase

This is the third fused glass vase like this one I made for a lady.  The “flames” or fingers are very delicate and two of the flames broke off the first fused glass vase before I even mailed it.  One of the flames broke off the second vase while it was being mailed to the lady.  Fortunately, I got my money back from the insurance I bought for it.

I needed a new strategy for this fused glass vase.  The “flames” needed to be stronger, so I added some clear glass behind each of the “flames.”  This seems to have worked out better.  I still need to mail this fused glass vase to the lady, so cross your fingers for me!  I want this one to make it safe and sound 🙂

Do you think this fused glass vase looks like flames?  Let me know what you think about “Flames #3.”  I’d love to get your feedback!!

Christine — Glass Artist


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7 Responses to “Red Flames Fused Glass Vase”

  1. Pat Says:

    OMG!! It is very pretty.How’d you do that? It is Jan.17 so surely it has been sent—- did it survive? So delicate. Pat

  2. marguerite Says:

    hi, i am having trouble with my vases, i am a newbie, i have tried to schedules for draping. One separated, it was brown transparent to solid black I used one layer, I am wondering if 2 layers are always suggested from the solid black. Could you send me your firing schedule. Eiether the glass is to long too. What a waste. Thanks for your reply. Also your red vase is neat!

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Marguerite,

      I don’t quite understand you problems. Where did the one separate if you used only one layer? Are you using a large cone mold? Are you letting it drape a long way down the mold?

      You can drape one layer of glass. I do it all the time.



  3. Matthew Brown Says:

    It’s really well made, and it caught my eye straight away. Great idea with the clear glass reinforcement!

  4. Jenny Capra Says:

    Your work is just beautiful Christine , such a nice variety and thanks for sharing as Im just a new girl at fusing and just love it Jenny

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