Red Fused Glass Bowl

This red fused glass bowl was made with coarse cherry red frit (crushed glass).  The second picture is looking down into the bowl.  You will notice small holes and, well,  this was intentional.  This fused glass bowl will not make a great soup bowl :), but it is very unique, otherwise.  It will make a great conversation piece as a centerpiece on a table or displayed on a shelf.

The diameter of this fused glass bowl is 9 inches.  I spread the coarse cherry frit on a kiln shelf and tack fused it, so the glass frit looks like I just poured it onto the kiln shelf.  After I tack fused it, I slumped it to get the bowl shape.  This fused glass bowl is fragile, so care must be taken with it.

I want to make larger fused glass bowls like this one.  First, I need to find a great bowl mold.

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see more of my Fused Glass Art:



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