Red Fused Glass Vase


I’ve made fused glass vases like this one, but usually I use black iridized glass.  I wanted to try a bright and cheery color for spring, so I chose this red translucent iridized glass.  I love the color of this fused glass vase. 

After I fused the strips together in this basket weave design, I used a cone-shaped mold to get the vase shape.  Unfortunately, the fused glass vase hugged the mold too tightly to get it off in one piece.  After getting most of the shelf paper off, which is supposed to provide a space between the mold and the glass, I soaked it all in water to try to get the rest of the shelf paper out of the tight spaces.  However, I discovered the glass at the very top is where the problem was located.  I think the shelf paper had fallen off at this area prior to the glass touching the mold. 

Needless to say, I broke off two small pieces trying to get the fused glass vase off the mold.  I was so frustrated, because these glass vases are a lot of work.  I will be making another one, because it did turn out very nicely — I’ll just have to change my fusing schedule 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist


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2 Responses to “Red Fused Glass Vase”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I think this is fascinating. I have never seen a fused glass weave before. What do you think you’ll do differently to have it not stick to the mold aside from the shelf paper?

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