Black and White Fused Glass Vase

Black and White Fused Glass Vase

For this Fused Glass Vase, I fused two layers of clear glass and then tack fused the black and white squares.  Lately, I have been draping single layers of glass into fused glass vases.  However, since the glass of this vase was much heavier, it dropped farther and just barely met the kiln shelf.  The tips of the four ends are flat, which is interesting.  Next time, if I don’t want the tips to touch the shelf, I will need to use a taller mold or not let the glass drape as far as this fused glass vase.

Christine – Glass Artist


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6 Responses to “Black and White Fused Glass Vase”

  1. Pamela Cremer Says:

    What type of glass are you using?

  2. Alice Keiller Says:


    I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and found your page while surfing the net. This black and white vase is really very nice and I just wanted to write and say that I really enjoyed looking at your work. Very nice pieces, loved them. I have been fusing glass for 6 years now and just love it. I play around very much with colors and work mostly with large bowls. Greetings – Alice

  3. Deidre at Steuben Says:

    Love this! I can picture a really nice white floral centerpiece in this vase.

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