Fun Fused Glass Plate

Fused Glass Plate

This fused glass plate was a lot of fun to create and make!  I have made similar fused glass plates with different colors and sizes of iridized glass, but I never make the same one twice.  This fused glass plate mearsures 10″ by 10″.

I will change the colors of iridized glass and the sizes.  I will also change the placement of the dichroic noodles.  My favorite colors to work with are turquoise blue, red and silver.

I sold this one at my last Art Festival in Genoa, Nevada.  A small group of ladies came by my booth.  The eldest lady really liked this fused glass plate and even asked if she could buy the stand that was holding it.  They didn’t buy it, but the next day, one lady came back and bought this glass plate and the stand.  I assume it will be a birthday present or Christmas present.  How fun to purchase something for someone who really liked it.  She will be surprised!

Christine — Glass Artist


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7 Responses to “Fun Fused Glass Plate”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You did a wonderful job on this one!

  2. linda frappia Says:

    do you do any fused glass fish? i’m looking for 5 of them in blue colors to hang in the window overlooking the lake. that’s why i’m looking for flat ones.

    • glassart Says:

      Hi Linda,

      Yes, we can make five fused glass fish for you! The fish in your window would be very appropriate, since you overlook a lake!

      Send me an email and we can discuss it!



  3. Deidre at Steuben Says:

    This is a really unique gift idea-one of a kind! I really like to colorful cross hatched plate one your site, especially the irridescant colors. Do you do custom orders as well?

  4. Meg Says:

    Wonderful site, I love all your experiments and designs. I am just new to glass art, more into patchwork quilts. Thank you for sharing.

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