Orange Fused Glass Vase

.Fused Glass Vase - Godiva OpalArt Basket Weave

The fused glass vases with a basket weave design are one of my favorite glass projects. For this glass vase, I used 96 Spirit Godiva OpalArt. I cut the glass in strips and tack fused them into the basket weave design. After that I draped the glass over a stainless steel cone mold to make this fused glass vase. I made a similar one for a cousin who graduated from high school last year. One of her favorite colors is orange, so this glass was perfect. She loved the fused glass vase I made for her.

Christine — Glass Artist
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4 Responses to “Orange Fused Glass Vase”

  1. Alex Sand Says:

    This is such an incredible piece. I love the textile look of the glass but the color reminds me of coral.

  2. Alex Sand Says:

    This really could have been found on the ocean floor.

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