White Fused Glass Coasters with Colored Glass Stringers

Fused Glass Coasters

White Fused Glass Coasters

These are fun fused glass coasters!  They do take a lot of time to make, but I have fun making them.  Most of the work is making the strip of colored stringers fused to clear glass for these glass coasters.  I try to get as few bubbles as I can.  Another set of these glass coasters I made had a small bubble between each glass stringer.  I really didn’t mind these, because they almost looked planned.  Each bubble was in the same place.  However, with these fused glass coasters, I didn’t want any bubbles, so it took a lot of fusing to avoid the bubbles.  Either with or without bubbles, they are a great addition to any room.  I have a set in my living room.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Update on Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

Fused Glass Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

The last wine bottle spoon rest mold post was May, 2007.  I have changed the firing schedule a little since then.  Also, there is a new place to get the mold to make this spoon rest.

The new website to get this mold is:  http://www.mackymolds.com/GlassSaggers.htm.  However, it is more widely available, now.  I have seen it at delphi.com, too.

My firing schedule has changed quite a bit since I posted it in a similar post about wine bottle spoon rests, but I am not sure which one at this moment.

Anyway here it is:

300  1100  30 min. hold

200 1250 30 min. hold

400  1420  10 min. hold

Full  1030  2 hrs. hold

150  700  1 min. hold

The first two segments are a bubble squeeze.  This may be adjusted for bottles that tend to get more bubbles.  For those types of bottles, I will go up to 1350 instead of 1250.  Or, you can use 100 instead of 200.

This schedule is for my Skutt 1414 – the bath tub kiln.  Every kiln is different, so you will probably adjust this schedule for your particular kiln.  Play around with it until it is right for you.  I have been making a lot of spoon rests from a lot of different types of bottles.  I even have slight adjustments for this schedule depending on the types of bottles I am slumping.  Some need more hold time and others need less.  So this schedule is not a one type fits all.

The temps. are in Fahrenheit.

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