White Fused Glass Coasters with Colored Glass Stringers

Fused Glass Coasters

White Fused Glass Coasters

These are fun fused glass coasters!  They do take a lot of time to make, but I have fun making them.  Most of the work is making the strip of colored stringers fused to clear glass for these glass coasters.  I try to get as few bubbles as I can.  Another set of these glass coasters I made had a small bubble between each glass stringer.  I really didn’t mind these, because they almost looked planned.  Each bubble was in the same place.  However, with these fused glass coasters, I didn’t want any bubbles, so it took a lot of fusing to avoid the bubbles.  Either with or without bubbles, they are a great addition to any room.  I have a set in my living room.

Christine — Glass Artist


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3 Responses to “White Fused Glass Coasters with Colored Glass Stringers”

  1. steubendesign Says:

    These look great! And we really appreciate the time and effort that went into them, keep it up!

  2. Jeannie Says:

    Are you fusing the stringer between layers of glass or using glue to hold it in place on top when you fuse? I’m assuming by the bubble issue it is the first. Try the second. I know especially with clear you have to be very careful about glue. Try White Rain pourable hairspray. Pour a tiny bit out on a dish, take a straightened paperclip and just us the tip of that as your glue applicator. Don’t go glue crazy. I took a class and this was a trick the instructor shared. 🙂 Happy fusing! Hope this helps.

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