Purple Fused Glass Pendant

Fused Glass Pendant

This fused glass pendant has so many different colors, which is why I really like it.  The dichroic glass on top of the black glass has a ripple texture and the colors are green, blue, and magenta, which is why it has so many colors.  There are even more colors in this glass pendant.  I can also see some yellow.  That is the beauty of dichroic glass – so many colors come through to the eye.

Since the top layer is a ripple texture, it is harder to make pendants.  Invariably, after the first fusing, it needs to be ground around the edges to make it smooth, then fired again to make the edges shiny again.  Sometimes I need to do this process a second time.  However, when I add the ripple glass on top of the black glass, there is no need to grind the fused glass pendant.  It is finished after one firing.  I still make glass pendants using the ripple textured dichroic with clear glass over it.  However, I realize I will need to grind it once or twice, but that is fine, because I like variety in my fused glass pendants.

Christine — Glass Artist


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