Black and White Fused Glass Vase

Fused Glass Vase

This fused glass vase has a wonderful swirl of black and white.  As the glass was draping over the mold, the glass touched the shelf, causing three points to curl inward.  This is an unusual feature of this glass vase.  Normally, I stop the kiln before this happens, but glass does its own thing sometimes.  This fused glass vase can be used for fresh, dried or silk flowers.  A votive candle can be put inside for a warming glow.

This fused glass vase was made with Black and White on Clear Baroque from Spectrum Glass Company.

Christine — Glass Artist


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7 Responses to “Black and White Fused Glass Vase”

  1. Glass Mocaicist Says:

    That is a really stunning use of glass i love the fluidity of the lines, as if it almost just been folded.

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  3. Katherine Callaghen Says:

    That vase is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The colors are amazing, it seems like it is swirling, thank you.

  4. Sebolelo Says:

    Where can i order the vase from?

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