Lots of Fused Glass Pictures Coming Soon

I just took a bunch of pictures of some fused glass spoon rests, vases, wine bottles stoppers and plates!!  We have a couple of Art Festivals coming up this month, so I have beeen restocking the shelves with more fused glass art.

I also sent a bunch of Grey Goose and Absolut Vodka Bottle Spoon Rests and Trivets to one of our Galleries in Newport, Oregon on the coast – a great Gallery: Inscapes Gallery.   They should be set for a little while!!

More to come…

Glass Artist – Christine


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Update on Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

Fused Glass Wine Bottle Spoon Rest

The last wine bottle spoon rest mold post was May, 2007.  I have changed the firing schedule a little since then.  Also, there is a new place to get the mold to make this spoon rest.

The new website to get this mold is:  http://www.mackymolds.com/GlassSaggers.htm.  However, it is more widely available, now.  I have seen it at delphi.com, too.

My firing schedule has changed quite a bit since I posted it in a similar post about wine bottle spoon rests, but I am not sure which one at this moment.

Anyway here it is:

300  1100  30 min. hold

200 1250 30 min. hold

400  1420  10 min. hold

Full  1030  2 hrs. hold

150  700  1 min. hold

The first two segments are a bubble squeeze.  This may be adjusted for bottles that tend to get more bubbles.  For those types of bottles, I will go up to 1350 instead of 1250.  Or, you can use 100 instead of 200.

This schedule is for my Skutt 1414 – the bath tub kiln.  Every kiln is different, so you will probably adjust this schedule for your particular kiln.  Play around with it until it is right for you.  I have been making a lot of spoon rests from a lot of different types of bottles.  I even have slight adjustments for this schedule depending on the types of bottles I am slumping.  Some need more hold time and others need less.  So this schedule is not a one type fits all.

The temps. are in Fahrenheit.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Absolut Vodka Bottle Cup or Vase

David made this Absolut Vodka Bottle Cup or Vase.  He used a tile saw to cut the top off.  There were sharp edges, so he polished the rim.  It is so smooth, now, that you can drink a very, very large martini from it!!  He made several different kinds, like Absolut Citron, Pepper and Mandarin.  He also made a couple from Grey Goose Vodka Bottles.

These can also be used as vases for fresh or dried flowers.

Christine — Glass Artist


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The 34th Annual Spring Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds


The Spring Fair was held March 27-29, 2009.  

Christine’s Grandmother passed away on March 26, so she flew back to Minnesota on Friday while David set up for the Spring Fair and was at the booth all three days by himself.  He had a great time seeing past customers and meeting new people.  He sold a wide variety of our glass art, such as dichroic glass pendants, dichroic glass earrings, glass bowls, a daisy sun catcher, a few clear iridized glass vases, a fused Jack Daniels bottle, a fused Crown Royal Bottle, several slumped and fused Grey Goose Bottles, and others.

There was a lot of entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment. There was a stage for a wide variety of entertainment, such as bands, singers, storytellers, bellydancers, etc.

David was so exhausted from the weekend that he didn’t even go to his Monday night game night with his buddies.  He never misses his game night:(

He did a great job even though I wasn’t there.  Thanks so much for his support during my absence.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Fused Large Budweiser Bottle with Embossed Lettering

This Large Budweiser Bottle is about 18″ high.  I fused it with the goal of preserving the embossed lettering.  Someone gave me this bottle at my last Craft Fair and wanted me to fuse it flat and see what happened.


Fused Large Budweiser Bottle

Here is a close-up of the “Budweiser” lettering.  I am very happy with how it turned out!  The “Budweiser” lettering did not melt into the rest of the bottle and it fused flat very nicely.


Fused Budweiser Bottle with Embossed Lettering

I have another Craft Fair this weekend and I will be giving this bottle to the lady who gave it to me.  She has a booth at the Craft Fair, too.  I hope she likes it!

She told me she is bringing some more bottles for me to keep and do whatever I want with them.  I can’t wait to see what she is going to give me!!

Christine — Glass Artist


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Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rest with Decorations


I have started adding decorations to my Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Spoon Rests.  The decorations include: a butter/appetizer knife, beads and a raffia bow.  This adds a nice touch when giving the spoon rest as a gift.  I ran out of the bead “necklaces,” so I have been making a bunch more for my next Art Fair.

Christine — Glass Artist


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Our Next Art Festival — 88th Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Fair

The last weekend in September, we are headed for Genoa, Nevada for the 88th Annual Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Fair.  We haven’t been to this Fair, but we heard great things from a couple different people.  So, we thought we would give it a try.  It is a long drive for us, about 10 hours.

We are working hard creating more glass.  We have been selling a lot of glass pendants and glass earrings, so I have been making more.  We also need more Fused and Slumped Grey Goose Vodka Bottles, because they are always a big hit at Art Festivals. 

Maybe we will see you there!

Christine — Glass Artist


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