Clear Fused Glass Vase with Blue Glass Lace

Fused Glass Vase with blue lace

Fused Glass Vase with blue lace2

I have always enjoyed making fused glass lace.  I have incorporated it into many different projects.  For this fused glass vase, I fused the blue glass lace to a piece of clear glass.  Then, I draped the fused glass into a vase.  These have been very popular at our Art Festivals.  I wish I had more time to make a whole bunch of these fused glass vases!

I have a piece of red glass lace that is waiting to be fused to a piece of clear glass – similar to this vase.  I will post a picture when I get it done and take a picture of it.

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What’s This? A Holey Glass Bowl?

Blue Fused Glass Bowl

What’s this?  Why would I make a holey glass bowl?  You can’t use it for soup or cereal.  What good is it?

I poured glass frit into a round stencil and tack fused it together.  I intentionally left areas that would leave holes.  I thought it would make an interesting glass bowl.

It can be functional by putting any kinds of trinkets in it or wrapped candy.  It can also look interesting sitting on a shelf.

Imagine a light shining on it.  You will see the blue and the holes shining on the shelf.  If you look closely, you can see that effect in the picture.

Christine – Glass Artist


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Red and White Candle Holder

Red and White Candle Holder

Red and White Candle Holder

I made the three rectangular red glass lace awhile ago, but didn’t know what to do with them.  I just recently thought they would look great fused to some Firelight White Glass and then slumped into this candle holder mold.

I like the results.   I think the length of the red glass lace was perfect.  It was like I had planned to do this all along.  I guess that is why I never did anything with it before.  They were waiting for me to come up with the idea.

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“Surprise Inside #2” Glass Vase

Blue Glass Vase

I received a Custom Order for a Glass Vase that I had named “Surprise Inside.”  So, I decided to make two more and this is a picture of one of the glass vases.  I have this one on my Website, if you are interested in it.

I named these Glass Vases, “Surprise Inside,” because of the gorgeous iridescent glass on the inside of the glass vase.  The iridescent glass is unexpected in a glass vase like this.  The glass vase is 6 3/4″ high and is perfect for fresh flowers.  It is also a nice, elegant addition to any room in your home.

Christine — Glass Artist

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Isn’t This a Great Glass Vase For Roses?

Purple Glass Vase

I just finished making this glass vase for one of my husband’s co-workers.   His girlfriend wanted a nice vase to put the roses that he gives her in, which I think is on a regular basis  🙂

I really love this glass vase and hate to give it away.  In a couple of days, the couple are coming to our house to pick up the glass vase rather than my husband bringing it to work.  Now this is significant, because it is a 40 minute drive for them.  I’m not sure why they want to drive all that way to pick it up.  Maybe he is going to propose to his girlfriend once he gets the glass vase.  I’ll bet he is going to bring real roses for their new glass vase.

I always take pictures of my glass creations, so I took a few pictures today to see how they would turn out.  If I need to take more, I have some time tomorrow.

Wouldn’t this glass vase look classy in your house?  It is ready for any fresh flowers you bring home.

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How Do You Like This Glass Pendant?

Blue Pendant

This glass pendant was a lot of fun to design.  I used a transluscent blue glass for the back.   The yellow is DichroMagic dichroic glass.  The silver glass pieces are silver dichroic on a black background.  When fused, the black background frames the silver — I love how it does that!  What should I name this glass pendant?  Please leave a comment with your idea for a name.

Today, I made some cobalt blue opal glass lace.  I plan on making a drop ring vase with this glass lace as a decoration.  I also draped a pink basketweave glass vase a second time.  I wanted the glass vase to drape more than it did the first time.  The vase will come out looking more like a vase, ie. more compact.  I am finding this hard to describe.  I will take pictures and then show you how the glass vase looks before and after, then it should make more sense.

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How I Made That Blue and Almond Glass Vase

I told you that I would explain how I made the Glass Vase from the last post.

First, I made some cobalt blue opal glass lace.  It took me a few tries to get a nice looking piece 🙂

I cut three circles, about 7″ in diameter, one of 96 Almond Opal Glass, another of 96 Clear Glass, and another of 96 Hi Fire Black Irid Glass.  I fused all three circles with the blue lace on top of the Almond Opal Glass.  The Black Irid Glass was on the bottom and the clear glass in the middle.

To make the vase, I used my 9″ drop ring mold and propped it up 6″ with kiln posts.  I placed the fused circle on the mold with the blue glass lace on the bottom and the black irid glass on top.  I used my standard firing schedule for drop rings.  As I was watching it drop, I noticed that the glass was not nicely rounded like it should be.  I couldn’t figure out why it was kind of blotchy (is that the right term?).  Anyway, it must have been because I used the black irid glass.  I have made several glass vases with glass lace and they didn’t come out like this one.

The middle to upper part of the glass vase is a dark color because the Almond Glass thinned out at this point exposing the black irid glass.  I didn’t know that this was going to happen — quite a surprise!

If you look inside the glass vase, you will see a very pretty black irid glass.  It turned into many beautiful colors.

Black Iridescent Glass inside the Blue and Almond Glass Vase

Tell me what you think of my glass vase!  Do you like it or do you think it is pretty ugly? 

I’d love to get comments about it!

Christine — Glass Artist

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