Christmas Glass Ornaments



My husband, Dave, has been making a lot of ornaments and I wanted to show you some of them.  I bought him more glass, like cherry red iridescent, which should turn out gorgeous.  I also bought him some cherry red glass, pale blue, peppermint baroque and more colors that I can’t remember right now. 🙂

Christine — Glass Artist


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Blue and White Swirl Glass Bowl

This Glass Bowl was a collaboration between Dave and myself.  I cut out three circles — 7″ white, 9″ dark blue translucent, and 9″ clear.  Dave did the creative part of cutting the white circle into the swirl.  I fused the glass layers together and then set up the drop ring to make a shallow glass bowl.

We made a similar glass bowl a couple of months ago.  I was cutting out a white glass circle and it cracked in half.  While I was frustrated, Dave saw an opportunity to make a swirl design with the white glass.   We eventually came up with a similar glass bowl.  We sold it at the next Art Festival, so we wanted to make another one.

When we put it into this metal stand, the light hits the glass bowl and the blue shows up on the surface underneath.  It is really cool to see.  This picture doesn’t show it very well.



Christine — Glass Artist


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Red Spoon Rest

I made another gorgeous red spoon rest with my new mold.  The spoon rest is about 11″ long — the perfect size for putting on your stove. 

I fused two layers of glass — one is a Bullseye Deep Red and the other is a clear.  The deep red glass is on the top and the striations in the glass really pops out.

Christine — Glass Artist


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