Made More Glass Lace

Actually, I made two separate glass lace pieces today.   For one piece, I used yellow opal glass frit, medium-sized and the other piece I used red opal glass frit, medium-sized.  I used an oval stencil and weighed out my frit and poured it onto my kiln shelf using the stencil.  The firing went well and I think both pieces will be just what I wanted. 


 I plan on fusing each piece of glass lace to a separate piece of glass.  Each piece of glass will consist of two fused layers of black glass.  I plan to use a drop mold to make a vase, similar to the vase I discussed in a previous post, the one that didn’t turn out right.  The yellow glass lace fused to black will look very similar to this glass plate I made in the photo above.  Instead of making a glass plate, I will make a glass vase with the drop ring mold.


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