Ivory Glass Bowl

This glass bowl or dish took awhile to design, put together, fuse, and slump.  The stripy squares were cut off a sheet of Spectrum 96 Spirit New Orleans.  I didn’t like just those glass squares, so I cut some cobalt blue pieces to compliment the other squares. 

After doing a full fuse with the design face down on the shelf, I had to grind the edges, because the cobalt blue pieces pushed out making the edges uneven.  Next I did a fire polish with the design face up.  Unfortunately, a lot of devitrification formed on the top.  I used some glass grinding pads to remove the devitrification, which was a lot of work and very time consuming.

I did another fire polish only I didn’t fire it as hot.  I didn’t want devit. to happen again.  It fire polished nicely.  I slumped the glass into the mold and this is the final results.  I learned a lot about devitrification and all the different ways it will form.

We are packing for the 88th Annual Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Fair, so I don’t have time to discuss devitrification.  Perhaps in another post when we get back from the Festival.

Christine — Glass Artist


Click here to see some of my Glass Bowls:



2 Responses to “Ivory Glass Bowl”

  1. rockwell sonicrafter Says:

    Great post. Hope to see a lot more good posts in the future.

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